Monday, 23 May 2011

The Knit Show 2011

                 The Knit Show 2011
at Stoneleigh Park 15th-16th May

This was the second year of The Knit Show a trade only event organised by the UK Hand Knitting Association.  All the big names we know in the UK were there.

Coats Crafts UK                  Debbie Bliss            Designer Yarns          Gedifra               Groves

Noro         James C Brett                       King Cole                    
                                 Louisa Harding
Norland Wools Ltd       Patons        Peter Pan         Regia                   
                                                                                                                Robin                    Rowan                     Stylecraft                    Sirdar 

Sublime                    Twilleys of Stamfordham                           Wendy

Sublime and Sirdar put on an excellent display of completed garments, I was taken with the boucle yarns from Sirdar Babuska and Persia suitable for jackets and coats.
King Cole have released Riot as a chunky yarn with an excellent range of patterns to inspire you.  Another thing that caught my eye was the knit and felt bags from Twilleys of Stamfordham.  Very attractive designs that are knitted then the fabric is felted to produce a firm fabric that is non-stretch and so suitable for a bag.  The designs are very ‘vogue.’

A few good internet sites for anyone new to knitting:

For easy knitting kits and learn to knit kits:
Ebay seller: startknitting

Friday, 6 May 2011

My Latest Pastel

Learn To Knit From Scratch

I have developed a knitting kit to help you learn to knit from scratch.  In this kit I have cast on for you so you can get started with the knit and purl stitch and leave the more difficult casting on till later.  I have also cast on a simple scarf for you to complete in a beautiful self striping yarn Riot DK. 
Kits are available on ebay seller: startknitting
Kits available on ebay seller: startknitting.

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Making Hooky Mats

Making hooky mats is a craft that evolved to make good with what you had.  People with very little such as miners or farm workers made mats to make their homes more comfortable with hessian sacks and old clothes.  Today this same craft has developed into an enjoyable hobby and an amazing art form.
Hook as show (not a latch hook)  A new one is best as the hook of vintage tools is usually too smooth to grip the fabric.
Large frame
Old clothes: woollen fabric, fine knitted woollens, fleece, tee shirts in general fabric with stretch or bounce to it.

In the illustrations you can see the cut hessian has threads pulled out 2 inches in from the edge to ensure the piece is square.  Matting frames have upholstry webbing attached for you to stitch the hessian to.

Here is the first piece of fabric in a new mat, note the ends are on the right side and cut flush with the pile as you go.  For info, workshops and materials.

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Lambing Time

I love lambing time in fact I love lambs and sheep have such beautiful faces and gentle nature.  These sheep belong to my neighbour John he has 18 and they are like pets. They all gather around you when you go in the shed.  The weather this year is so hot and usually it is wet and cold or even snowing. Lucky lambs this year, well until their luck runs out.