Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Making Hooky Mats

Making hooky mats is a craft that evolved to make good with what you had.  People with very little such as miners or farm workers made mats to make their homes more comfortable with hessian sacks and old clothes.  Today this same craft has developed into an enjoyable hobby and an amazing art form.
Hook as show (not a latch hook)  A new one is best as the hook of vintage tools is usually too smooth to grip the fabric.
Large frame
Old clothes: woollen fabric, fine knitted woollens, fleece, tee shirts in general fabric with stretch or bounce to it.

In the illustrations you can see the cut hessian has threads pulled out 2 inches in from the edge to ensure the piece is square.  Matting frames have upholstry webbing attached for you to stitch the hessian to.

Here is the first piece of fabric in a new mat, note the ends are on the right side and cut flush with the pile as you go.  For info, workshops and materials.
www.rugmaker.co.uk  northumberlandlife.org/woodhornmatters   makerecycledcraftworkshop.bigcartel.com

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Lambing Time

I love lambing time in fact I love lambs and sheep have such beautiful faces and gentle nature.  These sheep belong to my neighbour John he has 18 and they are like pets. They all gather around you when you go in the shed.  The weather this year is so hot and usually it is wet and cold or even snowing. Lucky lambs this year, well until their luck runs out.

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

This is the beach huts at Low Newton by the Sea where Simon and I walk on many a Sunday. We have lunch at The Ship Inn excellent real ale brewed in their own brewery.
The best plan is to park in Craster and walk to Dunstanburgh Castle then along the beach to Low Newton.  Or if you cannot walk that far or are lazy there is a large car park at Low Newton.

My first blog

This is the first pastel that I have sold.  It is a scene on Coat Yards Farm Netherwitton Northumberland  November 2010 and I was with Neil and Karen Gallon. We went across fields on a quad bike to feed the ducks that are reared for the shoot.  When Neil saw this pastel he just wanted it straight away (a memory of that day and that snow).